Cotton – Looking for an indoor/outdoor home

This handsome boy is looking for an indoor/outdoor home in a safe neighborhood.


Cotton was found on September 12th, 2016 in Royal Palm Beach, FL.  He was suffering from a severe case of mange.  He was also malnourished and dehydrated.  I picked him up the next day and brought him to the vet and then home.  Fortunately, he was friendly so it was easy to treat the mange and care for him.  It was very painful to see him through the treatment but he is now a very healthy boy.

Cotton was microchipped and we contacted the owner. She stated that the family had just moved to a small house and had brought Cotton with them but since all their cats were indoor/outdoor, that Cotton had disappeared shortly after they moved.  She asked me to continue to care for him and find him a home if I could not keep him. The owner now cares for her granddaughter at the home and the cats cannot be inside.

Cotton needs a home where he can be inside and outside too.  He is very friendly towards people and loves to sit next to you and purr nonstop.  He is not as friendly with other cats and it seems like he is not happy to just be indoors.

This beautiful boy deserves to be in a place where he can be happy.  He suffered so much while he was sick and he now deserves a safe home. He is approximately 6 years old.

We are accepting applications now.  Please email me at for further information.


Cotton on January 17, 2017

IMG_2625 IMG_2599




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11 thoughts on “Cotton – Looking for an indoor/outdoor home”

  1. Hello! We’re interested. We have a female white cat with heterochromia, Saatchi, and would love to adopt another! Is transport to Oakland, California too much for him?

    1. Dear Alena, ,

      I thank you so much for your interest in Cotton. The out pouring of love for Cotton was overwhelming and restored my faith in our community and for that matter the world, I had people interested in Cotton from as far away as Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK! Cotton is a special needs cat and does not actually get along with children or other cats. He is very talkative which is cute but at times bothersome. He playfully bites and I am having to train him not to. He is not for everyone and it is important for me to train him before placing him. Yes, I would think it would be too much for him to travel that far.

      Please follow me on Facebook to see what my rescued cats and I are up to.

      I also have a website it sounds like a big Rescue, but it is only me. Ha!

      Again, I appreciate your support of Cotton and would love for Cotton’s good will to carry on helping his fellow cats everywhere.

      If possible, please support my cause. I am sure you know how expensive everything is from transportation, food, vets, medicines, cages, traps etc. etc. My address is or you can click here to go directly to my account

      Thank You So Much!


      Carmen Morales Weinberg

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