5 thoughts on “Pumpkin, a 5 month old kitten needs a home”

  1. Hi I would love to adopt pumpkin I just filled out application for cotton. But seen this guy and he is so lovable!

  2. Hello
    Cotton is beautiful now!!
    Pumkin reminds me of my daughters cat that passed away i would love to adopt either one!
    Sincerely Valerie

    1. Dear Valerie, ,

      I thank you so much for your interest in Cotton. The out pouring of love for Cotton was overwhelming and restored my faith in our community and for that matter the world, I had people interested in Cotton from as far away as Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK! Cotton is a special needs cat and does not actually get along with children or other cats. He is very talkative which is cute but at times bothersome. He playfully bites and I am having to train him not to. He is not for everyone and it is important for me to train him before placing him.

      I have a lot of other kittens and cats I would love to find loving homes for. Please respond with your second choice of what type of kitten or cat you would be interested in.

      Please follow me on Facebook to see what my rescued cats and I are up to. https://www.facebook.com/CommunityCatsOfDelrayBeach/

      I also have a website http://www.animalfriendsproject.org it sounds like a big Rescue, but it is only me. 

      Again, I appreciate your support of Cotton and would love for Cotton’s good will to carry on helping his fellow cats everywhere.

      If possible, please support my cause. I am sure you know how expensive everything is from transportation, food, vets, medicines, cages, traps etc. etc. My http://www.PayPal.com address is donations@animalfriendsproject.org or you can click here to go directly to my account http://animalfriendsproject.org/please-donate/

      Where are you located?

      Thank You So Much!


      Carmen Morales Weinberg

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