Do you know that there are cats like this boy in the streets and people do nothing to help? People are afraid to call Animal Care and Control because they think that sick cats get put to sleep and they cannot bear to be the ones that made the call that led to the death of the cat. I wish people had other known options to them so they stop allowing animals to suffer in the street.

Thank you to Kitty Karma and its wonderful supporters for giving Winnie the chance to see a vet. Unfortunately he was too sick and the decision was made to let him rest.

I am glad the people that saw Winnie yesterday decided to search for help for him and that I had the support of Kitty Karma so I could act quickly to help him.

The real tragedy is that it took less than 5 minutes to trap him. He walked into the trap without a problem. All the suffering that could have been avoided if someone had decided to do something. I am sure he came from a low income neighborhood in East Delray. He was trapped at some townhouses but he came from the streets behind the complex. Rest in Peace beautiful boy.








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