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Community Cats, also known as ferals, need our help. They did not choose to live without a home. It is our responsibility to care for them by providing them with food and spaying/neutering and vaccinating them.
For the past 5 years my family and I have been caring for some colonies of feral cats near our home in West Delray Beach, FL.  We have also spayed and neutered dozens of cats from other parts of Palm Beach County, FL.  We have rescued many kittens and found them homes. We have provided medical care for sick and injured homeless cats.
I started visiting mobile home parks in West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, FL and found many cats and dogs in need of spaying and neutering services.  I have trapped dozens of cats at some of the mobile home parks and together with other volunteers in the area, we have trapped more and are continuing to do it.
Please help us continue to care for the all the homeless cats in our area by donating at Paypal Carmen@animalfriendsproject.org.
Please email me with any questions you might have


Animal Friends Project is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation
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