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Hello, my name is Carmen. I am from Mexico and have lived in the USA for most of my adult life. I am married and have two children in high school. I live in South Florida, in Delray Beach.

I became interested in animals and cats in particular when one day a cat that looked pregnant, appeared at our front door. My daughter started feeding her and named her Lovee. Soon another 2 cats started coming regularly. Before we could figure out what to do, Lovee dissapeared and then a month later came back with 4 beautiful kittens.

I rented a trap and  was able to trap Lovee and the other 2 cats and had them vaccinated and spayed and neutered.  I then started to notice other cats and kittens in the neighborhood and at some businesses that I visited.  I told my husband that I wanted a trap as a gift for our anniversary and that started everything.

During the past 5 years my family and I have done TNVR services in hundreds of cats.  We have also rescued and placed in homes dozens of kittens that we have pulled from the field.  We also started caring for sick and injured animals found in the streets without an owner.  Many of these cats have been unsocialized so it has been quite a challenge to care for them.


Animal Friends Project is a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation registered in the State of Florida

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