Cats in need of medical care

These two homeless cats are in need of medical care. Both live outside a home in Delray Beach, FL but their feeder is not able to provide further medical care at this moment. They are in pain and cannot wait. The black and white suffers from mange, probably ringworm, fleas and a bad infestation of feline lice. The tabby seems to be in pain. His mouth seems to need a dental to determine what is causing his pain.


Sweet Cameron continues to improve.  He had started to sound congested but I think he is fine now.  He is still eating very well and he seems happy so he must be feeling better.  He has come a long way since we found him on September 5th. in a mobile home park in Lake Worth, FL

Cameron on September 21st., 2016

Cameron on September 5th, the night we found him. I brough him home and fed him in trap while I prepared the crate for him.